Afterspa Well Being Ritual Giftset

Everything for a tip, top, toe beauty experience. Take a bath with a Vanilla Charcoal bath bomb or accompany yourself with the Charcoal Lavender bath bomb, both vegan. Sit back and relax. The fluffy mesh sponge helps to clean yourself from head to toe and give an extra finishing touch before you take a bath, the hair towel dries the hair in a comfortable way, leaving your hands free to continue your self-care treatment.


Pamper yourself or a loved one after a long, hard day of work or something else! Forget everything and relax in the bath.

Your benefits


  • Tested on all different types of hair
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic

Mesh sponge:

  • For radiant and soft skin
  • Antimicrobial treated sponge to inhibit the growth of microorganisms outside of public health
  • Clinically tested on all skin types
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan

Bath Bombs: 

The fresh and fine scents give a relaxing feeling. The slowly dissolving effervescent ball provides an intense and long-lasting experience, ideal for relaxing or unwinding. The effervescent balls ensure soft skin afterwards.

How to use

Mesh sponge: 

Apply your favorite cleanser or body wash to your Afterspa Bath & Shower Mesh sponge for perfect exfoliation. Squeeze out any excess water before drying. Rinse thoroughly after use and hang to dry.

Hair towel:

  1. Place your towel on your head with the button placed in the back of your head at the base of the neck. Your hair should be inside with the tip of your Hair Towel Wrap directed away from you towards the front.
  2. Take the tip and twist it like if you were twisting a conventional towel.
  3. Once you have finished remove the towel from your head
  4. Then take the tip and pass it to the back of your head and secure with button in the back. Now you are drying hands free and ready.

Bath Bombs: 

Just drop in a warm bath and enjoy..


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