My name is BodyWellnessBeauty, but you can call me BWB!

This month marks the official launch of We are beyond excited to greet you to our new webstore. We’re just starting here, but we already want to share a few words with you, so if you have 3 mins then read through…

We want to tell you about this exciting project, what it stands for and what we are looking to accomplish. We want to tell you about how we work and how we plan on developing. We want to talk to you about Wellness, through all angles. We want to tell you all that and so much more, but first: WELCOME!


We launched BodyWellnessBeauty with the intention of creating a one-stop shop, where our customers can find products and brands that fit all of their Wellness routines. This goes to you, the princess, who’s looking for your next favorite makeup remover or eye roller. This is for you, the bath time lover, on a quest for the smoothest soaps. This is the right place for you, the athlete, where we have an original and broad choice of superfood supplements.

As you scroll through the digital alleys of BodyWellnessBeauty, you will find surprising new products next to routine essentials and customer favorites, all of which will complement and enhance your Wellness routines.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, BodyWellnessBeauty is the place where we can all find what we need to achieve the best version of ourselves.


Upon launching, we are featuring over 150 products, from 6 different brands, throughout more than 15 different categories of products. This may seem like a lot to choose from for some, but also less than the norm for a webstore to others. Rest assured, we’re putting extra efforts in broadening our scope and are already planning to add 10 new brands in the coming months, while making sure that you’re not overwhelmed with too many products to choose from in each category. Just the right item, for each one of your Wellness needs.

Our commitment to you is to always strive to offer you a varied choice of products from bold, independent, forward-looking brands. While doing this, we also want to shine a light on purpose-driven brands, connect our community with their mission and make you discover their best product innovations.

We also know that you probably already have a trusted selection of go-to products, from familiar brands, that have been accompanying you in your Wellness rituals. We got you covered for that too, as we will very quickly introduce opportunity-based sales where we give our BWB members and community easy access to recognized products at the best price.

Wellness in all forms

Wellness is achieved in various ways and we want to address them all. This is the reason why we developed a product offering that covers hygiene, beauty and nutrition. Three major vectors of Wellness, that we will soon complement with sexual wellbeing and mental health. In the end, our only goal is to support you in your Wellness journey. A journey where your Body is your vehicle and Beauty is your fuel. Beauty from the soul and for the world to see.

To provide you with the right resources and guidance, we are introducing The Wellness Journal, our blog, where we will feature articles and resources that we find relevant to our audience. On top of that, we want to use our social media presence to spread the word on Wellness in all forms and how to achieve it.

We want to welcome you again, remind you that we are here for you and look forward to this journey alongside you. Now you know more about us: we are BodyWellnessBeauty, but you can call us BWB

Welcome to your Wellness journey!

The BWB team.



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