“Eyes speak, but eyes also characterize”

The skin around our eyes is more sensitive to the rest of our face.

“Eyes speak, but eyes also characterize”. Sometimes more than we like. As we get older, we mainly see the consequences of our skin aging process around the eyes.

There are many products on the market to protect and care for the eye contours, but why exactly is this necessary and why is a normal day cream not sufficient for this specific area?

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest compared to the rest of the face. The eyelid has a thickness of about 1 mm, which is very thin if you compare it, for example, with the skin of your cheeks that is about 4 mm thick.

The reason that the skin around your eyes is so thin has to do with the build-up of the skin layers. The layer around the eyes (outer layer of the skin) consists of only 9 layers of cells, while the rest of the skin has a layer with layers of about 14 cells. In addition, the lipid content (fat content) is a lot lower here. As a result, the skin barrier is less strong and the skin around the eyes loses moisture faster and has less ability to retain moisture.

Let us not forget that our eyes and the area around our eyes are in motion all day long.

We portray emotions with it, squeeze when there is a bright sun, we frown when we are angry, cry when we are sad and blink more than 10,000 times a day. Hell of a workout right ????

In addition to moving a lot, the skin around the eyes also produces less sebum, making the skin more sensitive and drier than the rest of the face. When we think of sebum production, we quickly think of oily skin. However, the importance of normal sebum production is necessary to keep the skin supple.

Ok, so what we know is that our skin around the skin is a workout queen / king, has a lot to endure, is thinner and often drier, but what do you do about it ?

We now know that the skin needs extra attention. For this reason, a normal day cream does not suffice.

Don’t be too hard for your eyes. Scrubbing the eyes too hard can lead to broken capillaries, which can cause dark circles under your eyes. Using a reusable make up cloth with only water reduces the heavy process of hard material and eye removers.

The skin around our eyes, as we now know, needs specific care, so it is also advisable to selectively look for what suits your skin and is provided with antioxidants and with a moisturizing effect. Antioxidants protect the skin from harmful free radicals. In addition, it is important to keep the skin hydrated for healthy and not dry-looking skin.

The most eloquent part of our body also deserves a mask.

You probably use a face mask, or have you heard of it or seen it at your friend.  There are also special mask treatments for our eyes.  Masks contain an increased percentage of active ingredients and gives the skin around your eyes a boost.

Wonderful those warm rays of the sun on our face, but it is common knowledge that we have to protect our face against too much UV radiation. Now that you know that the skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, it is also more likely to have UV damage and the use of SPF is recommended. In addition, the use of good sunglasses, where you do not squeeze your eyes too much, is conducive to the care process for this part of your face.



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