What are face toners and what can they do for you?

Maybe you are not yet familiar with the phenomenon of facial tones, or you heard it is used for a first layer before your make-up routine? Toners come in many variants, sizes and versions.
When determining which toner is good for you, our BWB beauty team advises you to look at a natural toner. We are happy to tell you why a natural toner will be the next must-have for your skincare routine.

What is a toner anyway?

The classic face tonics are usually tonics that contain disinfectant or highly degreasing ingredients. The danger here is often that due to the high alcohol, mint and eucalyptus content, your face will dry out and unbalance despite the wonderfully fresh feeling, but if you choose the right toner, it will change your skincare game forever.

Start by looking for a natural toner, as it’s all about balancing the pH, sharpening pores and evening skin tone without using hard, drying ingredients. That all sounds pretty good, right? But do you really need one in your skincare routine? We let you decide for yourself, but we have graciously put together all the benefits of regularly using a natural toner to make it a little easier for you!

  1. Attracts pores

Who doesn’t know it, you wash, you cleanse, you take care of yourself and yet… your pores still look huge and dirty. But why do pores look like this?
Consistent use of the toner in your new face routine will make dirt, dust and skin cells increasingly difficult to enter the pores. Using a toner not only solves all the clutter in your pores, but strengthens your pores, and dirt, dust and skin cells make it much harder to get in. This means much less blackheads and pimples, a more even skin tone and much less redness. Toner is not only a solution, but also a preventive measure.

2. Prevents acne

Natural toners not only gently remove pollutants and tighten pores, but they also dry some of the excess oils that cause acne and redness. Did you know that 40% of acne patients do not treat their acne? Toner is a quick, easy step to add to your routine that keeps acne at bay and helps to dry out existing flare-ups.
Be sure to look at the ingredients of the toner, as a toner with all-natural ingredients is the way to go. Any toner with aggressive chemicals, alcohol or preservatives can actually dry out your skin too much, especially if your skin is already on the drier side of things. A toner with natural ingredients such as witch hazel will do a much better job of absorbing excess oils without causing a hard reaction or drying. So it is very important to check what type of skin you have.

Our Butterfly Toner Mist from Teami is a plant based tea infused mist spray that will be an excellent layer for the sensitive and/or dry house. If you suffer a lot from acne, psoriasis or exzema, our BWB beauty team advises you to try CBD Tone Down from Fitish. Despite the fact that this product contains ingredients that we indicate above that too high a dosage can lead to dry skin. Can we indicate with great peace that this CBD has infused tone down spray and the right proportions, so that the PH balance remains in tact and, with preventive use, there will be real difference

  1. Balances pH levels

It is important to keep the pH value (or potential hydrogen) of your skin as neutral as possible for creating a healthy, radiant complexion. PH levels are rated on a scale of 0-14, where 7 is perfectly neutral, and toner works with your skin to keep it as close to a perfect 7 as possible!
Things like makeup, cleanser and hard seaps can cause the pH of our skin to get out of hand, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, redness and acne, so balancing your pH with a toner is an important step for beauty lovers.

  1. Removes pollutants from the skin

Wherever you are in the world, your skin will encounter pollutants. Things like dirt, dust, soot and smog settle in your skin all day long. Just washing your face with water does not remove all pollutants, and although using a detox mask is useful, it is not a daily undertaking.

But what you can use every day is an alcohol-free (low-ratio), non-drying toner. Natural toners are best for everyday use as they keep moisture in your skin while removing pollutants and thoroughly cleansing the skin.

  1. Helps you GLOW

By getting rid of dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and pollutants, a completely natural toner will make your skin glow positively. In addition, it prevents that daily build-up and excess oil production that leads to acne.

Getting rid of all build-up, makeup, pollutants and excess oil will lead to happier, healthier skin so you can show off that natural glow! Toners are an incredible addition to any skincare routine.



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