What is an exfoliant and what does exfoliating do for my skin?

A person loses millions of dead #skin cells every day. Your skin repels this on its own. And that’s a good thing.

If your pores are clogged, the sebum in your skin has nowhere to go. The result: impurities such as pimples.

But what is #exfoliation and what are the benefits?

First, let’s start by saying that extra care for your skin is a good thing. We often forget that extra #self-love is necessary and that this must be done every day. It is really the #power of #consistence that will make the difference.

One fact clear, another word for #scrubbing and #peeling is exfoliation. With this type of facial cleansing, it is important that it is done carefully. If you work too hard,the underlying skin layers can be damaged. The difference between exfoliating and peeling is that peeling is actually an umbrella term for anything that removes skin cells from the #epidermis and that exfoliation falls under this term. Exfoliation is a form of (mechanical) #peeling.

Exfoliating is, as it were, removing the top layer of skin. This layer consists mainly of dead skin cells. By removing these, the active substances in a peeling can penetrate better and deeper into your skin. Your skin is stimulated to renew itself, which gives you a radiant complexion.

A peeling or exfoliant is very effective if you suffer from:

✨Pigment spots

✨ Wrinkles and fine lines

✨Acne scars


A peeling cure consists of several treatments that you undergo every few weeks. That way you achieve the best results.

Useful to know if you exfoliate your skin

✨Always use a sunscreen with at least SPF30 if you have exfoliated your skin. Your skin is extra vulnerable after a peeling, making it extra susceptible to harmful UV rays.
✨A peeling is not a scrub with a coarse grain, but a liquid that, thanks to the acids, removes the dead skin cells and puts the skin to work to renew itself.
✨ You can do a peeling all year round, depending on the type

95% of your selfie is your skin, let it glow ✨



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