Well-being is part of taking good care of your skin. Someone with dry skin may end up with eczema and from there to redness disease. This calls for exfoliating, which is the act of removing dry skin from the body. One of the simplest means of taking care of your skin is dry brushing.

What is dry brushing? Dry brushing is the habit of getting a brush with stiff bristles to scrub your body with the expectation of renewing the skin cells. Dry brushing means that you are scrubbing away the dry skin to pave the way for new layers. Although dry skin is not a threat to the body, only its excessiveness might be harmful.

Most people develop dry skin, at times itchy skin with the colder months of the year. Let’s check out the reasons behind this dry skin:


During fall, the kind of air that blows on the body is usually different from the summer air. In summer, you experience warm air on the skin, which keeps the skin moisturized.

However, once autumn comes, you come in contact with cold air, which is also called dry air. This dry air drops the humidity level and keeps your skin dry, leaving you without any moisturizer.


As sweet as it is, it also causes dry skin. Yes, there is cold outside, and you need to get your body warm once you enter your house. But this kind of warmness kills the natural oil that is supposed to help in moisturizing the body.

Furthermore, the wind that blows in the fall is colder, and it is not suitable for the skin. Prevent your skin from this kind of harsh wind with long sleeves; this will help to keep the natural moisturizer alive.

Therefore, why should dry brushing be your daily routine?

We easily neglect our body care routines, which we really take seriously during summer once we are in autumn. However, in the cold seasons where our body gets wooly, it needs more care and soft touches.

During autumn, dry brushing helps in exfoliating and keeping the body in good condition through the renewal of the dead cells. Dry brushing helps in the body’s appearance because it makes the skin look perfectly smooth and radiant.

Someone who practices dry brushing truly experiences the way it stimulates the lymphatic system effectively to flush out unwanted toxins out of the body.

How To Use A Dry Brush

Dry brushing does not require more time; it is easy to do, and doing it yourself will not even stress you out. If you are new to dry brushing, you can follow these simple steps to dry brush your body. Ensure that you are making use of a stiff-bristle brush. Although, depending on the skin sensitivity and that’s why The Daily Facial Dry Brush is suitable for all skin.

After laying your hand on a stiff-bristle dry brush, starting from your feet will make it easier for you to feel how soft the brush is before getting to the sensitive part of your body. So, you can now move slowly upwards to the other part of the body. Then scrub the back and torso in a circular motion, it will make your dry brushing fun and easy to do.

One thing that you need to put in mind is that you can’t put the amount of pressure you put in scrubbing the other part of the body on your sensitive part. These sensitive parts include your neck, abdomen, and breast, therefore, the nice thing to do is to massage them softly.

Dry brushing is something you can plan as your daily routine, spending 3 to 5minutes. There is a recommendation that dry brushing is right in the morning because of its energizing qualities.

You don’t need a stiff brush for dry brushing your body. Get yourself a soft brush; this will help to avoid skin damage or scratch. Especially when you are dry brushing your face, make use of The Daily Facial Dry Brush.

The Daily Dry Facial Brush is softer than a dry body brush, friendly to the face, and gives you the best fresh look.

This dry brush helps in increasing the circulation and reduces the puffiness during exfoliation.

The Daily Dry Facial Brush helps in keeping your skin firm and well-toned.

Making dry brushing a daily routine during autumn will make your body fresh and feel alive.



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