How to Stay Balanced During a Seasonal Change

Understanding one’s body, soul and spirit, as seasons transition, is one of the most important parts of navigating through seasons over a year. While some people are particularly super functional during fall and winter, others may not do well in the same season.

As trees and their branches begin to let off their beautiful colors, we also welcome seasonal allergies. All those life hiccups begin to challenge our day to day life, embracing us in the helms of winter and bringing with it tidings of a new year but with an increased risk of developing fevers, flu, aches and pains. It is essential to prepare to transition well into the season, to balance and keep a healthy body.

There are a few ways to take care of the soul, body and skincare, during these transitions, to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Boost your immune system by consuming good food, fruits and vegetables

One of the most essential aspects of transitioning well into the new season is keeping your immune level at its best. This is done by consuming the right quantity of food, within balanced diets, to get your body’s quality nutrition.

Apart from protein-rich foods, fruits such as berries or watermelon also help with the immune system, which invariably helps you keeping diseases away and staying healthy.

Keep in mind that the beginning of a new season only means that there will be new products suitable for that season. Therefore, always check the markets. You’ll be sure to get different roots, veggies and fruit to provide you with the right nutrients to make it through the season.

Honor Your Body : Exercise

Going into winter, the body, especially your skin, will tend to get cold and stiff. It’s not a crime if you notice that things seem a bit slow, from digestion to performance. This is normal as the nights become longer and daylight has significantly reduced. However, instead of forcing on your body, it is best to listen to it and do what it wants.

For instance, if you’re the type who gets tired more easily during the winter, then the body’s simply telling you to have more rest, more sleep and meditation is important for you to understand your body’s natural energy pattern and give in to it.

You can engage more in an exercise that boosts the body and soul. For instance, yoga is a type of exercise that can make for better blood flow in the body and it is especially good in order to stay balanced through the cold months.

Blend your Lifestyle to Fit.

Most often, during the winter season, most people tend to get cozy at every opportunity – it’s the season, and it’s just nature. At times like this, bathing can be a great way to stay healthy as it has been proven to help heal the body in several ways. For instance, a warm bath helps the body stay oxygenated as it allows you to take a deeper and slower breathe, which eases the flow of blood in the body.

You may consider using scented soaps and soothing ingredients like lavender to aid in soothing and relaxing joints and muscles – these herbs and oils can help relieve you of stress. Essential oils generally can be very healing and relaxing. Some oils even help boost the immune system, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, clove bud, and oregano. The likes of ginger and cinnamon oil are rather warming. It is essential to research if a particular oil is safe to use, especially on your skin.

Our skin is usually the defender, in charge of coating us through the pleasant and unpleasant seasons. It is, therefore, essential to care for it. If you notice, the skin changes from time to time, shedding off old skin for a new one is part of a sign of a healthy skin and as seasons changes, we should also tune up our wardrobe to make-up for the change in skincare products. You may want to consider exfoliating the skin deeply regularly in the fall and winter and use more oils and hydrating products. You can check for products rich in vitamin C because they enhance recovery, collagen production and skin generation.

Scrubs and oils can also help the body to stay moisturized during this period. Also, dry brushing the skin is a recommended way of keeping good skin through the fall season as studies show that it’s an amazing exfoliant. Just by gently scrubbing the brush through your skin in a circular manner, you allow for glowing skin throughout the fall and winter.



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